Billing model explained

Adding new features and supporting the app is an ongoing effort that requires quite a lot of work. To ensure that we can maintain the highest level of service and continue delivering awesome new features, we have had to adopt a different billing model.

How does it work?

Every license gets 1 year of free updates from the purchase date. This allow us to continue building the greatest experience and push new features regularly!

After your updates expire, you are able to renew them for another year at just $19 per seat or continue using the last version forever, without renewing — no pressure.

Why is this model better?

With our previous billing model, we had to save significant features for major releases. This resulted in frustration from both sides - we couldn't share what we've built and users had to wait much longer to use it. 🙄

Now we don't have to worry about making another major release and can fully focus on delivering new things to you. And that's what matters the most.

Is this a subscription?

Keep in mind, that this model is fundamentally different than a subscription and we will never take your access to the app.

The updates renewal is completely optional and you are free to keep the latest version forever. It will still be a completely functional app that still provides all those amazing features, which are available right now. And if there any updates in the future that catch your attention, you are free to renew the updates then. 😊

How do I renew my license?

You can manage your license and renew the updates using our License Manager. If you got any questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we will explain everything!

What about Cloud Pro subscribers?

If you are an active Cloud Pro subscriber, you always get the latest version of the app and there's no need to renew your updates.