Fair Use Policy

All CleanShot Cloud plans are subject to this Fair Use policy. Below is a rule-of-thumb for determining which usage fall within our definition of "Fair Use" and which do not.

Examples of Fair Use
  • Share links in conversations
  • Post on social media
  • Provide customer support
  • Share you work with clients
  • Document your projects
Not Fair Use
  • Upload videos not recorded with CleanShot
  • Host blog images
  • Host images for static websites
  • Share one account with multiple people

Usage Guidelines

As a guideline for our community, we expect most users to fall within the below ranges for each plan. We will notify you if your usage is an outlier. Our goal is to be as permissive as possible while not allowing an unreasonable burden on our infrastructure.

Bandwidth per month5 GB100 GB
Uploads per month3003000

These are soft limits. If you somehow reach them, we won't block your account, but we will contact you and as long as you're not abusing the platform, find a solution.

Learn More

Please refer to our Terms of Service for further information regarding this policy and acceptable use of CleanShot Cloud.